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The lady in the front was incredibly reluctant to help me. I needed a letter regarding my travel insurance for a Schengen visa application. First she said it was impossible. I knew it wasn't as I had it done before. Then she told me I'm wrong, I don't need it, even though she didn't know what a Schengen visa was. Then she told me I have to wait. After 45 min I asked a member of staff who was standing around if they could help me. This lady helped me straight away. I absolutely hate this branch. Has similar experiences in the past.
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Went in there yesterday for help with mobile banking, the staff member I dealt with was incredibly useful as well as dealing with the problem quickly as not being able to have a laugh while still being polite.
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Very less staff. If ask anything to one of them they will say please go onl.... wtf...if it was simple that issue i would have done why would i come ther. Cant count it good
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