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Having stayed with them for about 2 years, I must say that their about as expected for a letting company like this: professional but greedy. Boy is /that/ a weighted statement. Let me be clear. Working within the bounds of reasonable expectations, they provide a clean and soulless home for students. Kitchen fittings are on the surface reasonable, but the lack of care is obvious after a week of use. The doors are not level, and one doesn't even fit (unable to close). Limited space for the large number of tenants further shows a greater concern for presentability to prospective tenants over thought for the comfort of their now contract bound tenants. Into the rooms, the story continues. Having seen multiple private rooms, layouts are poorly done. With ten minutes of thought with a blueprint and a tape measure, more economical layouts with more room for comfort of the tenant could be conceived. No problem you say: move the furniture. Sadly, but one cheap "wardrobe" bolted to the wall and floor prevents this. In my own personal case, this made it so it was impossible to sit behind the desk comfortably, even after the minimum rearrangement for some extra space. Not good: as a student, behind the desk is a place I spent most of my time. I was uncomfortable on my chair which was clearly purchased for how cheap they could get it and I am almost certain I may have some semi permanent damage to my back, as aches reminds me of the seat even as I sit on more comfortable chairs in other places. That rearrangement I did? It allowed me to even use the chair, as their original room layout made it literally impossible to use the chair. The bed is clearly a cheap excuse for one and when combined with a mattress which was clearly a budget choice, it makes sleep uncomfortable at the best of time. The set of drawers and wardrobe continue the trend. And that's it. No shelf where it would make sense. No extra room for storage. No nothing but the spartan white walls. And the bathrooms? Cheap toilets punctuate the boring mess of cheap showers and cheap sinks which are supplied by cheap taps. A stream of prose is no longer possible, when it comes to these things. Their nothing but cheap. And the extractor fans? Like the one above the oven, I learnt a secret from a neighbor which, upon my own investigation, turned out to be entirely true: they don't even lead anywhere but into the walls. If nothing says that Virtualet are entirely about surface appearances over the comfort of the contracted tenants, that is it. I'd like to say the problems were due to the tenants. Students are not exactly a tidy lot, I would know as one. But I wrote this review with no mind for what the tenants did to this place and I hope that is clear. But now the greed becomes more clear. The cheap furniture, when damaged or broken, is charged to the tenants as is reasonable. What is not reasonable is the amount charged: having looked up the items in consumer furniture companies I know that they charge three times cost: I doubt in some cases it may be more, or less. I suspect they buy from the cheapest sources possible, en masse for even cheaper costs. So what happens to the extra money? Costs for administration, for the effort. An amount which increases the price that much? No. If I was cynical enough (and I suspect I am after the mood this cheap chair puts me in) I would say that the furniture is so purposefully cheap as to break for them to reap this extra profit. A final few notes before concluding this review: their duties as a landlord. Repairs, once requested, are not carried out. Legitimate requests are ignored while perceived problems are fixed while (once more) overcharging the tenants. So, that's a big review. I would like to say I understand the way businesses need to act to make money. I'm not a naive fool. But their lack of thought combined with rampant money grubbing act in every single aspect make them one of the worst companies I have ever had to deal with. Their "friendly" facade reeks of stinking commercialism is what makes it so bad....
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