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A fascinating museum. Always new things to see. Great cafe.
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Well maintained museum with a variety of interesting exhibits. Building itself also fantastic. Good place for an afternoon visit.
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I was reading through your article on " What is an African centred approach to Egypt? through to "Why are there objects from Kemet in the Fitzwilliam Museum?" and shared this information with my colleague who is studying Philosophy... this was his comments Ferlin: "This is because the majority of books on Egyptology are written by researchers of European, or North-American backgrounds. " - This is not true [9:45:56] Ferlin: There are many works by European and British (not particularly NA), which is true, but there are many Egyptian, and a mix of other nationals who've contributed work in the field. Besides, most of the research projects into ancient egyptian culture began with the Brits and Euros, because they had the luxury to afford expeditions. Now, to say there is an 'understanding' exclusive to Africans due to euro-centric bias in academia is really bothersome. The entire field of egyptology is open to the public. We shouldn't forget that it was a frenchman who deciphered the ancient language, but just because he was a frenchman doesn't undermine his added contribution to the field. One of the most prominent researchers in the field of Egyptology is a native Egyptian, Zahi Hawass. I felt that your information was truth, he disagrees. I need to know what are your thoughts on his comments.
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After a wonderful experience seeing the museum's collection I had the unfortunate experience of returning to collect my belongings from the lockers just after the museum shut. Home is 90 miles away, so calling back to collect them was not easy. The excellent staff there located my stuff and very promptly got it back to me at no more cost than a stamped, addressed envelope. Thank you to the lost property department and the courtyard reception desk.
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Best museum in Cambridge by far. Let alone the arhitecture of the building is breathtaking. Large collection of art and artefacts from all over the world. You need at least half a day to go through all of them, if not more. Nice coffe shop, even better souvenirs shop.
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